Client Engagements:

  • Ayurveda:

    A leading enterprise in the field of Ayurveda with proven credentials in research and development. The company manufactures quality Ayurvedic medicines and has a distribution network in Indian as well as overseas markets. The company is embarking on an ambitious expansion into the fast growing OTC and FMCG categories.

  • Business to Business:

    A business to business company with primary objective to offer value-added consultancy services for various Food industries post harvesting. The Company's experience has translated into them designing, supplying and servicing state-of-the-art equipment for the most celebrated names in the FMCG industry..

  • FMCG:

    A FMCG company with a diversified portfolio of local leadership brands and marketing & distributor for MNC brands in the island nation of Sri Lanka. The company is part of one of the largest multifaceted, multidimensional conglomerate.

  • whatshotTechnology:

    Advice startups in the technology space to get a strong connect and position their products/applications and services to Brands and segment of customers/users that they target.

Way we work:

Success and growth of a Business is about integrating business strategy and brand strategy. We work in tandem with the key stakeholders to define the desired business outcomes and thereafter formulate strategies.
We rely on trends and analytics from quantitative and qualitative data sourced from internal and external sources to formulate key strategic directions.
We are inspired by the power of simple ideas that transform and create value. Creativity and innovation are about simple ideas that change human life and experiences. Technology and media are enablers that can be leveraged for advocacy and engagement.
We use proprietary tools and process templates that have been developed to guide a cohesive and vibrant action plan to deliver measurable business results.
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Our Products:


Do you find yourself scribbling your passwords in scraps of paper and hiding it away? Do you try and cram all of your passwords into 6 inches between your ears? Or do you use the same password everywhere? There is a password for everything, right from your bank accounts to your wireless router and it does get overwhelming for most of us. QUILA allows you to prioritise your passwords while ensuring:
1) Security
2) Reliability
3) Accessibility

My Account

Living within a budget is far from easy, tracking your expenses and maintaining records is tiring and tedious. "My Account" gives you the simplest, fastest and most reliable way to manage, record and analyse all your day to day financial transactions with utmost ease. The app helps you plan and manage all your financial needs on the go. The simple interface to add an item is quick and repeatable. All your data is sorted by date and with a simple swipe you can switch among different dates. A quick glance at the home screen gives you all that you need to know about your budgeting goals.

Reflexe Balance

So you think "balance" is inherent, something we are born with? Yes, It is a marvel of our nervous system, vision and muscles synchronised in unison. But who says balance is all physical? Being Balanced is also 'a state of mind'. Just like anything else, training is the cornerstone for success. Just like a Ballerina or a Trapeze Artist, focussing your mind is as important as training your body. Develop your coordination and balance in a new exciting format that challenges your skills and elevates you to a whole new level.


All you Hulks, Nerds and Geeky/Smart jocks out there.. You have the swagger, style and are cool? You think you are smart, sharp and happening?! Well think again? Now you can put your cognitive power to test and actually develop it to become the new Hero of the Digital Age and earn your stripes. Sharpen your skills: Develop your selective attention, cognitive flexibility and processing speed to succeed in a highly competitive world. Yes, now you can really work on your speed of response and ability to multi task by working at this Virtual workout center akin to building your body in a Gym.


Coming Soon